How do industrial technologies work in the Augmented Reality & XR platform?

Our XR platform (AR / VR / MR) enables you to perceive and revise "augmented, virtual processes in digitization" in services, technology, education, art and design. Objects can be viewed and changed in real space, even though they are not haptically present. You can embed it in reality and change and interact with the virtual models in real space using our XR platform. This is the first time that you have managed to create exponential, digital acceleration processes in industrial and service companies, in education, culture and society, using XR technology.

A customer / user loads his content into the ar2go ARTool platform via a provided CMS or via a provided API from CAD or PLM data systems. The content can be managed and / or changed and made available for presentations and interactions. A client application that integrates the provided client framework can download the content and thus make it available to the user.

How does it work?

All you need is a mobile device (Android or IOS Smartphone & Tablet), our durchBLICK app and the pictures on this page.